Presidency elections in Gagauz Autonomous Region of Republic of Moldova were made on 30 June 2019. In the country, where almost 108 thousand electors are present, citizens voted in 65 election centers. The percentage of voter turnout was announced as 50, 35. 5 candidates competed in the elections. 

According to the announcement made by Central Election Commission, Irına Vlah won the presidency by taking % 91,93 of valid votes. According to this result, Vlah was chosen as President for the second time in Gagauz Autonomous Region. 

Among the candidates, member of Gagauz Autonomous Region Council-People Assembly of Gagauzia (Halk Topluşu) Sergey Çimpoeş became the second with % 7,27 of the votes, while the leader of Movement of Gagauz People İvan Burgucu gained % 0,89 and former member of Moldova Democrat Party (PDM) Dmitriy Monol got % 0,64.

The Autonomy of Gagauz Region, after the adoption of a new constitution by Moldova Parliament that gave autonomy to Gagauzia, was legally recognized by Moldova government. The community in Gagauz Autonmous Region, with an almost 150 thousand population, speaks Gagauz Turkish.

Irına Vlah was chosen as Member of Administrative Board at Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) 5th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on 2 May 2019.


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