The Annual Report Report, which includes the works of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in 2018, was published.

In the annual report that besides the institutional information about the TDBB has yearly activities conducted by the same. Among the titles that can be found in the report is the launching of the ‘Sister City Platform’ in order to provide more active and faster sister city matching between the local governments in the Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia, opening of the the Turkish World Mosque in Bulan-Sogottu town of Cholpon-Ata in Kyrgyzstan that was built in cooperation with the member municipalities, construction of the Culture and Education Center in the town of Glamoc in Bosnia and Herzegovina, construction of the Martyrdom Monument, built in cooperation with TDBB and Doboj Istok Municipality, meeting the financial expenses of the Student Dormitory in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018, delivery of a Garbage Truck to Studenicani Municipality of North Macedonia and a fire truck to Albania’s Skrapar Municipality.

I In the framework of Experience Sharing and Training programs the local government experts from the member countries have participated in the thematic “Expert Training Programs”. Seventy-two mayors and high-level municipal officials from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, Mongolia, and Tatarstan also participated in Knowledge and Experience Sharing Programs. Also, administrative meetings of the Union, programs supported and organized in cooperation, ‘printed publications’, participation in the international events, representations, and visits, ‘financial information’, municipalities that became members in 2018, ‘activities of the TDBB members regarding the Turkish World’, ‘TDBB in the press’ are the titles that can be found in the 2018 Annual Report.