The results of the local elections held on March 31, 2019 for electing local administrators who will serve across Turkey for 5 years to come have been announced. In Turkey that has population of 82 million people, out of 57 million eligible voters 48.3 million of them voted in the elections. Participation rate was 84.67 percent. Out of 1,389 municipalities in Turkey there is 30 metropolitan municipalities, 51 provinces, 922 districts and 386 municipalities.

12 political parties participated in the local elections. The parties that won provincial and district municipalities are; Justice and Development Party (AK Party), Republican People’s Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Good Party (IP), Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Felicity Party (SP), Grand Unity Party (BBP), Democrat Party (DP), the Democratic Left Party (DSP) and the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP).

During the elections; AK Party received 44.33 %, CHP 30.12 %, Good Party 7.45 %, MHP 7.32 %, HDP 4.24 % and other parties 6.55 %.

According to the results of Turkey local election held on March 31, 2019 out of 1,389 municipalities, the AK Party won 776 municipalities, CHP 263 municipalities, MHP 245 municipalities, HDP 70 municipalities, Good Party 25 municipalities, TKP 1 municipality, SP 1 municipality, Independent candidates 1 municipality and other parties 7 municipalities.