Under the coordination of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), digital X-Ray Machine supplied in cooperation with Pendik Municipality and Zeytinburnu Municipality which are the sister cities of Madan was delivered to Madan District Hospital with a ceremony on 15 March 2019.

The ceremony in Madan was attended by Consul General of Turkey in Plovdiv Hüseyin Ergani, TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, Mayor of Madan Fahri Molaisenov, Head Doctor of Madan Prof Dr Konstantin Chilov Hospital Stefan Haciev, Deputy Mayor of Pendik Municipality Mehmet Sami Divleli, member of City Council of Pendik Municipality Erhan Karataş, Deputy Governor of Smolyon city Adrian Petrov, MP of Madan region Hacı Sadakov and many guests.

Head Doctor Stefan Haciev said in his speech during the ceremony that “X-Ray Machine that was supplied to us has a digital machine with the latest technology so that we can have results in 5 minutes. Earlier, we got results in an hour. This machine is one of the most commonly used machines in our hospital and with this we will be able to make 600 works in a month and 7200 works in a year. With this digital machine, we are able to make lots of things done in a very short time that were not that easy earlier. We are appreciated for what you done for us on behalf of Madan people and the hospital team”.

Mayor of Madan Fahri Molaisenov stated in his speech during the ceremony that “I am very thankful for this machine that we have demanded. You have proved that you have big hearts and are our real friends. We have worked very hard for our hospital to keep it running. Our hospital was technologically very inadequate. We did repairs and renovations in our hospital. Now we have achieved X-Ray machine thanks to TDBB’s vigorous works and collaboration of our sister cities Pendik ve Zeytinburnu Municipalities. We are very glad to have such a device that will ease our works in the hospital. I want to thank Pendik and Zeytinburnu Municpalities one more time here”.

Consul General of Turkey in Plovdiv Hüseyin Ergani stated that “We have cooperation with Madan Hospital for many years. Turkey was involved to restoration of the hospital years ago. Today, we have strengthened our cooperation with supply of X-Ray Machine that will contribute to necessities of people of Madan. I wish this project will contribute to the friendship of Bulgaria and Turkey”.

Secretary General of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Fahri Solak expressed that “TDBB is an international organization which was established15 years ago in order to develop relations and cooperation between municipalities. TDBB has currently more than 1150 member municipalities from 29 different countries and carries out many projects and programs for member countries. The most important thing in human life is health. I wish that this device will contribute to friendship between our countries and municipalities and serve for health of local people for long years. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project.”

Deputy Mayor of Pendik Municipality Sami Divleli posited that he was very happy to be in sister city Madan and added that “We have long been in a good relationship with Madan. This X-Ray Machine shows the evidence of this good relation. I believe that we will have developed relations with Madan in the coming years with new projects. I am very glad to say good messages of Mayor of Pendik and Pendik people”.

After the speeches, Head Doctor Haciev presented appreciation letters to Consul General of Turkey in Plovdiv, TDBB Secretary General and Deputy Mayor of Pendik Municipality and ceremony was ended after protocol members cutting opening ribbon. After the ceremony, the gifts of Pendik Municipality were distributed to the children in the rehabilitation center.