Organized by Gagauz Autonomous Region and supported by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), ‘Turkey Gagauz Diaspora Meeting’ was held in Bayrampaşa on 10 February 2019, with the participation of President of Gagauz Autonomous Region Irina Vlah, TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak and many other guests.
With the Diaspora Meeting more than one thousand Gagauz people in Turkey came together. The meeting was attended by Gagauz people living in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and other cities.
Talking at the meeting, President of Gagauz Autonomous Region Irina Vlah detailed the socio-economic policies in Gagauz Autonomous Region. She also stated that Executive Committee focused on drawing the attention of large investors, encouraging small and medium scaled companies and providing progressive rehabilitation of regional substructure. Vlah said, As a result of the increase of income in the region the social programs that support mothers and children are encouraged, the retired individuals and the needy people in winter time are helped, the students are paid additional scholarship and the veterans of Gagauzia are supported. In general almost 40 thousand people are reached with our social programs.
The participants of the meeting enjoyed the concert and traditional folk dances. Gagauz stars Vitali Manzhul, Valentin Ormanzhi, Anna Dragu, Vitali Vasilioglo, and Yasti sang songs and “Duz Ava” dance group performed a show. The traditional Gagauz cuisine fried meat, kyrma, tavern, cheese and baked breads were served to the participants of the meeting.

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