The first President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Alija Izzetbegovic was commemorated in Istanbul on 15th year of his decease, with the program named as “A Close Look to Alija Izzetbegovic”, organized on 14 December 2018 cooperatively by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Zeytinburnu Municipality and Alija Izzetbegovic Museum.

The program, organized in Zeytinburnu Culture and Arts Center, was attended by Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın, Ankara Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Sadovic, Secretary General of TDBB Dr. Fahri Solak, Director of Alija Izzetbegovic Museum Adnan Zişko and many other guests.

Within the framework of the program, the Exhibition of unknown photos of Alija Izzetbegovic was opened and the documentary of his life was watched by the participators. Besides, the unknown sides of the Wise King Izzetbegovic were examined in detail in a panel, organized in addition to the exhibition and the documentary projection.

In the panel, under the moderatorship of Secretary General of TDBB Dr. Fahri Solak, Ankara Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Sadoviç and Director of Alija Izzetbegovic Museum Adnan Zişko were present as speakers.

Addressing to the press before the opening of the program, Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın said, “Alija Izzetbegovic is a wise person, a statesman and also an important figure who had shown great efforts during the independence struggle of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We commemorate him in Zeytinburnu Culture and Arts Center on the occasion of 15th year of his decease. I thank to our cooperation partners TDBB, Directorate of Alija Izzetbegovic Museum and Ankara Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

On the other hand, Secretary General of TDBB Dr. Fahri Solak talked as, “Union of Turkish World Municipalities is an international institution established in 2003 with the Council of Ministers’ decision, in the aim of developing cooperation between local governments. It has 1.150 members from 29 different countries. We are happy to host the Commemoration Program of 15th year of the decease of founder President Alija Izzetbegovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the countries that we work in close cooperation”.

Furthermore, during his speech at the panel, Director of Alija Izzetbegovic Museum Adnan Zişko stated that the life of Izzetbegovic has been divided into two in the museum: Science and Military Service. He also underlined the fact that Alija Izzetbegovic was one of the rare statesmen who were respected by both East and West. Zişko implied that Turkey is always with Bosnia and Herzegovina and this is a very important attitude for them, and added: “We believe that in the future Turkey will be more powerful. As long as Turkey is powerful, Bosnians will be powerful”.

Moreover, Ankara Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Sadovic said that Izzetbegovic went to jail for two times and the reasons for both were his ideas. He also told:

“After he went out of jail, he was telling us about his life in jail. He said ‘The biggest problem was not the walls you saw, but the people behind them’. Alija had written about his inner thoughts in the jail, in the book named “My Escape to Freedom”. Sadovic also expressed that Bosnia had experienced hard times during the war and reminded the words of Izzetbegovic: “The attackers will be tired one day, but we will never be tired of our resistance”.

Alija Izzetbegovic Photograph Exhibition will continue between 14 and 20 December 2018 at Zeytinburnu Culture and Arts Center.