Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) Secretary General Khaldon H. Khashman which is based in Amman, Jordan visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on 10 October 2018.

Secretary General Khaldon H. Khashman of ACWUA which is an organization that works on water management and utilities in the Arab region paid a visit to TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak in order to discuss cooperation opportunities with Turkey and TDBB’s cooperation area and also carry out joint projects with them.

Secretary General Khashman stated that ACWUA is carrying out projects in 18 different Arab countries with 160 water administrations and 50 firms since its establishment of 2009 and he also informed TDBB about the working fields of his association. Additionally, Khashman invited TDBB and TDBB members to the Arab Water Week Conference held on March 2019 in Jordan organizing for the tenth anniversary of establishment of ACWUA. Furthermore, Khashman posited that the participation of this forum by TDBB members would strengthen the cooperation between Arab and Turkish World.

TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak stated his pleasure of the visit and pointed out that it has been organizing expert and information and experience sharing programs about water management and he also said that cooperation and experience sharing can be made regarding these areas.