Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), which has brought many academic, cultural and important works together with readers until now, has presented “Sister City Activities in Turkey and Around the World” to the audience, as the first work published in academic world about the sister city relations of local governments in Turkey.

In the book, a typology has been created upon the examination of occurrence of sister city relations and its development around the world through various applications, and the sister city relations in Turkey have been probed in this context. The literature and the related applications have been examined for the study and a detailed inference has been obtained about sister city relations in Turkey after searching for the historical development and statistical data specific to Turkey and carrying on field studies, observations and thoroughly-made interviews.

Besides in the work, local and national dimensions of sister city activities in Turkey have been analyzed. Within this framework, abovementioned activities have been both examined comparatively with international literature and interpreted according to the historical development in Turkey and obtained data.

This book aims to present a framework to the individuals that are academically and professionally interested in the topic for comparison of global applications with Turkey’s and to increase the effectiveness of sister city activities creating a perspective where sister city relations can be classified.

At the end of the book there is a detailed Bibliography which is prepared for the use of the reader.

For the full PDF of the book, please check: Sister City Activities in Turkey and Around the World