The garbage truck that purchased in cooperation of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and the sister city Altınova Municipality, was delivered to the Municipality of Studeniçani, Macedonia on 21 September 2018.

Before the ceremony, Secretary-General of the TDBB Fahri Solak visited Mayor of Studeniçani Azem Sadiki in his office. TDBB’s work and cooperation possibilities were evaluated. The unit chiefs from the Studeniçani Municipality were present as well.

At the delivery ceremony for the garbage truck, Mayor of Studeniçani, Azem Sadiki, expressed his gratitude for the assistance and thanked TDBB and sister city Altınova Municipality for their support. Sadiki who reminded that cooperation will continue in the future said, “Studeniçani Municipality has received a garbage truck today. From the aspect of our Municipality, this is a great help. Because of this, we will provide better service for our citizens.”

TDBB’s Secretary-General Fahri Solak in a speech he made at the ceremony said how the main objective of the TDBB is to develop cooperation in the field of local governments between friendly and brotherly countries. Macedonia is one of the countries in which TDBB is working closely and actively he said. Solak who reminded that TDBB is conducting operations with thousand and one hundred member municipalities from 29 different countries, also said how they are trying to achieve in the field of local governments the development level that was reached in Turkey’s increasingly diplomatic, political and economic relations with friendly and brotherly countries. Solak added; “We work to increase human resources infrastructure of the member municipalities and operate in order to contribute to the development of their equipment and technical infrastructure. Currently, twelve municipalities from Macedonia are our members. Macedonia is also one of the 11 countries that are represented in the Executive Board of the TDBB.”