Mongolian Ambassador to Turkey Ravdan Bold visited the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on September 19, 2018, Wednesday.

Mongolian Ambassador to Turkey Ravdan Bold who met with Deputy Chairman of the TDBB Murat Aydın and TDBB General-Secretary Fahri Solak at the Union’s headquarters stated that they would like to deepen and develop the existing cooperation with the TDBB. Bold said, “the reason for our visit today is to thank you and deepen our relations. Historically Mongolia and Turkey are two friendly countries. Approximately two thousand of our students have studied and graduated from Turkish universities. One or two employees in all Mongolian state institutions graduates from Turkish universities. Many of our municipalities are members of the TDBB. Experience sharing and expert training programs are conducted. Thanks to these programs a large number of our municipalities wants to become members of the TDBB. For that reason, we would like to cooperate with the TDBB in the works to be carried out this year. Besides that, Turkish Airlines is conducting three flights to Mongolia during a one week period. These are important developments that show that the friendship and cooperation of the two countries have improved. For this reason, I thank Turkey and the TDBB on behalf of my country”.

Secretary-General Fahri Solak said, “thank you for your kind visit. Nalaikh Municipality of Mongolia is a member of TDBB’s Board of Directors. As a result of the good relations established in recent years, the number of members from Mongolia increased rapidly and reached 30. We are pleased with these developments. TDBB delegation visited Mongolia in 2015. The number of sister cities between Turkey and Mongolia municipalities should be increased. We are pleased to work closely with Mongolia. We are pleased to be a co-operation organization for the 50 years events. We would like to thank the authorities of Mongolia for their close cooperation”.

TDBB Deputy Chairman and the Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality Murat Aydın said, “there are emotional ties between Mongolia and Turkey. We know the Mongol people as friends. Thanks to TDBB and Mongolia member municipalities, friendly relations have accelerated. As a TDBB and Turkish people, we give great importance to relations with Mongolia. When we went to Mongolia with the TDBB delegation in 2015, they welcomed us very warmly. I have also included photos taken in Mongolia to my personal photo exhibition. We would like to visit your country whenever possible. I thank you very much for your visit”.

The visit ended with shooting a family photo after mutual gift delivery.