A delegation from Doboj Istok, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the sister city of Tavşanlı Municipality, visited Tavşanlı on 3-4 September 2018. Besides the 96th Anniversary of Tavşanlı’s liberation from enemy occupation the delegation also participated in the Chickpea and Coal Festival.

Mayor of Doboj Istok Kemal Bratic, Deputy Mayor Damir Sasic, and Municipality Council Member Izet Hodzic from Bosnia-Herzegovina were among the guests of the Mayor of Tavşanlı Mustafa Güler.

Speaking to the delegation from the sister city, President Güler said that as a municipality they are always with Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Güler, who stated that relations have improved since they became “sister city” with Doboj Istok also said, “we have national and spiritual ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina. This link which was not interrupted for centuries survived until today. “I am honored to welcome you to our Municipality”.

The mayor of Doboj Istok Kemal Bratic said that they always felt Turkey’s support. Bratic also said, “you have recently faced a treacherous coup d’etat and an attempt of invasion on July 15. We were with you with our prayers. After this, we will always be side by side as a brother country. I am happy to be here with you today”.

An official ceremony was held on the Republic Square for the anniversary of Tavşanlı’s liberation from the enemy invasion of 3 September, and various activities were organized due to the day of liberation. Mayor of Doboj Istok Kemal Bratic and the accompanying delegation also attended the ceremony.

In the scope of salvation day activities prepared by Tavşanlı Municipality, oil wrestling was also performed in Şaban Dede Promenade area. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ahmet Hamdi Nayir Governor of Kütahya, MPs from Kütahya Ahmet Tan, Ceyda Cetin Erenler and Ahmet Erbaş, Yüksel Kara District Governor of Tavşanlı, Mayor Mustafa Güler and many other guests attended the wrestling fights in which 29 wrestlers performed.

The Delegation Visited the TDBB

After the visit to Tavşanlı Mayor of Doboj Istok Kemal Bratic and his delegation visited the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on Wednesday, September 5, 2018. At the Union headquarters, joint projects and opportunities for cooperation were evaluated at a meeting held with the TDBB external relations expert.