“Quds Park” was opened in Altındağ Municipality’s Başpınar Neighborhood which is a historical town of Ankara and member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on 4 July 2018 Wednesday with a ceremony.
The opening ceremony was attended by former Education Minister İsmet Yılmaz, Mayor of Altındağ Veysel Tiryaki, Palestinian Ambassador to Ankara Faed Mustafa, NGO representatives and several guests.
Mayor of Altındağ Veysel Tiryaki, in his speech, emphasized that Quds Park was built on an area of 50 acres and made by demolishing the slums in the region and also he posited that We named this park ‘Quds’ because Quds has a great deal of importance to us. Quds is the first qibla of Muslims and one of three masjids we have visited. It is very important for all Muslims in all over the world. We named this park to give a message for children and future generations as all facilities we have done. We would like to make a link between past and future by giving this park name as Quds”.
Palestinian Ambassador to Ankara Faed Mustafa thanked Mayor of Altındağ Tiryaki for meaningful name of the park. Mustafa stated that identity of Quds will be kept forever as it is in spite of all cruelties to be held in Quds and highlighted that Quds’ Muslim identity will remain as in the old days of it.
After the opening speeches, the park which was on 50 acres area was opened. Quds Park has two playgrounds with 600 and 700 square meters of areas. Moreover, two separate sports equipment areas with 250 square meters of each were established in the park. Furthermore, a 950 meter long jogging path was planned for those who want to walk and run. 985 trees and 7 thousand bushes are planted.