‘Martyrdom Monument’ built by the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Doboj Istok Municipality (Bosnia and Herzegovina) that commemorates 340 fallen soldiers of the 109th Brigade and 38 civilian victims was opened with a ceremony held on July 4, 2018.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Secretary-General of the TDBB Dr. Fahri Solak, Mayor of Doboj Istok Kemal Bratic, relatives of martyrs and veterans, local administrators, NGO representatives and Doboj Istok residents. The ceremony which started with the national anthem of Bosnia Herzegovina continued with a prayer after reading one by one the names of soldiers and civilian martyrs.

Kemal Bratic, mayor of Doboj Istok and a war veteran himself, said; “This project we have realized with the contributions of the TDBB has been the most valuable project for me as a mayor and an ordinary citizen. In every borough in the region, we have small martyrdom monuments, but the central one was missing. We have completed the project with the efforts of TDBB’s President İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and TDBB’s Secretary-General Fahri Solak. This monument will prevent us to forget what we passed through and to remember those days constantly. Names of our 340 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us to be able to live in this beautiful country today are written on the monument. We will always remember them and pray”.

In his speech, Secretary-General of the TDBB Fahri Solak said, “I would like to express my satisfaction for being with you on such a meaningful and special day. When we take a look at the names written on the martyrdom, we see that most of them are the same as the names of our relatives. This is the most concrete evidence that we are members of the same family. The blood of the martyrs is the land register of the homeland. I remember all our martyrs with grace. I wish patience and fortitude for the relatives. Bosnia’s suffering is our suffering, Bosnia’s joy is our joy. We are pleased to have such a project with Doboj Istok, one of the 24 members of the TDBB in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our support to Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue with the projects in different cities”. The ceremony ended with placing the flowers on martyrdom on behalf of the institutions and sharing the gifts and taking the photos commemorating the day.

Following the opening ceremony, Secretary-General of the TDBB Fahri Solak visited the Youth Houses built in Doboj Istok in cooperation of Emmaus-International Forum of Solidarity with the TDBB. He visited the construction site of the Glamoc Cultural Center in Glamoc whose construction is continuing with TDBB’s financial support and received information about the works. As part of the Bosnia Herzegovina visit, Solak separately met with the Mufti of Travnik, the Vice-President of Republika Srpska and the Mayor of Novi Grad with whom he exchanged the views on joint projects and new cooperation opportunities.