Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) gave participation support to the 1st National Children Forum organized in Kyrgyzstan’s capital city, Bishkek on 15-16 May 2018 themed as children’s early development by Roza Otunbayeva International Foundation. Participators came to the Forum not only from Turkey, but also from USA, Austria, England and also experts from UNICEF.

With the support of TDBB, Director of Küçükçekmece Papatya Nursery Bülent Demir and Director of Kağıthane Çağdaş Yaşam Eşref ve Sadullah Kıray Nursery Erdoğan Ergin participated to the Forum. Turkish experts made presentations on development of Pre-school Education and activities held in Turkey. Moreover, questions from the other participators were answered about Turkey’s pre-school education by the Turkish experts.

Turkish education experts who attended to the Forum, upon the invitation from Kyrgyzstan Pre-school managers who attended to the “Kyrgyzstan Pre-School Educators Turkey Program” which was organized by TDBB on 11-17 February 2018, visited nurseries in Kyrgyzstan. Physical structures of the schools and education systems of them were discussed and informed one another in detail to have a better education.