100th anniversary of establishment of the Republic of Azerbaijan which was founded on 28 May 1918 was celebrated particularly in Turkey and Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Hungary with various activities.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended to the ceremony held in front of the Republic Monument. Aliyev laid a wreath to the monument during the ceremony which started with Azerbaijan’s national anthem. Within the framework of the celebration, several political parties and non-governmental organizations made a march in Baku. The march started in Icherisheher which is an old city of Azerbaijan and continued to the Republic Monument.

It is organized a conference in Baku for the 100th anniversary of establishment of Azerbaijan. The event was attended by Turkey’s ambassador to Baku Erkan Özoral, representative of TRNC Ufuk Turganer, Azerbaijani MPs, representatives of NGOs and several guests. Özoral stated during his speech at the conference that Azerbaijan is considered as their own homeland and the fact that the highest number of Turkish martyrs placed in Azerbaijan outside of Turkey can be showed as a clear evident of it.

There were several celebration ceremonies organized in Turkey particularly in Ankara and Istanbul. 100th anniversary reception which organized by the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul was participated by TDBB Foreign Relations Expert Zuleyha Gurbetova. In addition, many politicians from Turkey shared messages to congratulate.

Several politicians from many countries including President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sent messages to President Aliyev to congratulate the Republic Day. Republic of Turkey printed money for the memory of the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan. Due to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Republic, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge was illuminated by the color of the Azerbaijani flag.

On 28 May 1918, Azerbaijan National Council under the guidance of Mehmet Emin Resulzade declared its independence in Tbilisi of Georgia. Temporary Azerbaijani government under the guidance of Fethali Han Hoyski, carried on its activities in city of Gence due to the occupation of Baku by the Armenian and Bolshevik gangs. The Ottoman Empire became the first country that first accepted the independence of Azerbaijan. Within the framework of the agreement between the two countries, Islamic Army of the Caucasus commanded by Nuri Paşa (Killigil) was sent to help due to the increasing threat from Armenians and Bolsheviks. It saved Göyçay, Salyan, Ağsu and Kürdemir from Bolshevik troops and Armenian gangs and rescued Baku on 15 September 1918. The wars that Islamic Army of the Caucasus carried on resulted in 1130 martyrs. In Azerbaijan which was considered as the first democratic republic of the East, many reforms were held on education and freedom of religion and conscience in a very short time and they printed their own money as well. In the “Declaration of Independence” of Republic of Azerbaijan, equal rights were granted to all citizens regardless of race, religion, sect and gender. The Republic of Azerbaijan ended with the invasion of the Soviet forces on 28 April 1920.