Turkish World Mosque, built in Bulan Sögöttü district of Issık-Göl Province of Kyrgyzstan by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) with the contributions of Members municipalities in Turkey, was inaugurated for worship on 26 May 2018, Friday.

The mosque, having Ottoman architectural features with the capacity of worship for 200 people in Bulan-Sögüttü district of the eastern part of Çolpon-Ata city where World Nomad Games take place and also a vacation center of the country, has been built with the contributions of Bağcılar, Başiskele, Beykoz, Denizli, Gebze, İnegöl, Keçiören, Kocaeli, Mersin, Sancaktepe, Selçuklu ve Zeytinburnu Municipalities, in addition to Union of Turkish World Municipalities.

The opening ceremony of the mosque was participated by Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, Advisor of Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister who is in charge of World Nomad Games Ashat Akibayev, District Governor of Issık Göl Danir İmanaliyev, council members and municipal officials of Kocaeli, Selçuklu and Keçiören Municipalities from Turkey, officials from Issık Göl Mufti Office and many inhabitants of the region.

In the opening ceremony which started with the recitation of Quran, Advisor of Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister Ashat Akibayev thanked Turkey by saying that with the support of Turkey many projects and mosque constructions are carried out in Kyrgyzstan, and wished that the mosque will be the symbol of brotherhood between two countries.

On the other hand Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak stated that during the construction of the mosque, which was built for 300.000 dollars, more than 10 municipalities from Turkey contributed in addition to TDBB and thanked them for their contributions. Stating that the name of the mosque has been decided as “Turkish World Mosque” with the suggestions of the inhabitants, Solak expressed that the mosque is a concrete symbol of the brotherhood and friendship between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Informing that Kyrgyzstan is one of the countries which Union of Turkish World Municipalities works closest among 29 countries for cooperative projects on local governments, Solak pointed out that this mosque has been built upon the request of a mosque with unique architectural features for World Nomad Games. He thanked to everyone, especially local authorities in Kyrgyzstan for the construction of the mosque.

In the ceremony, the guests coming from Turkey were dressed up with Kyrgyz traditional clothes by Kyrgyz authorities and were presented plaques of appreciation.

The first Friday Prayer at the mosque, which was opened with ribbon cutting ceremony of the officials, was led by Issık Göl District Mufti Almazbek Sagınbayev.