TDBB Mongolia Bayan-Ulgii Delegation Information and Experience Sharing Program, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Bağcılar, Sancaktepe, Zeytinburnu Municipalities and Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TURSAB) was completed after the presentations and site visits made in Istanbul between 7 and 14 May 2018.

The program was attended by President of City Council Bauirjan Dalyel, Deputy Governor Kameliyat Akhmedia, Councilmen Byerdmurat Khajnabi, Tulyeubyek Bikhumar, Bakhit Saudabai, Byekbolat Shaikhan, Deputy Manager of State Hospital Manchuk Khavdyrash, Manager of 4. State High School Khairat Khajyekbyer, Doctor – Manager of Private Beis Şifa Hospital Byeisyen Bulan, Manager of Suat Company Adalbyek Jusren, President of State Bank Januzakh Khuan, Accountant of State Hospital Uuganbaatar Bolat, Manager of Ak Dam Company Amantai Shamshii, Manager of Sum Dundin Hospital Guljan Dalyelkhan, Councilman Yerbol Jylkhyshybai, Head of Internal Inspection and Evaluation Department Taukye Mauit, Head of Social Insurance Department Usyerkhan Tulkibai, Manager of Tsagannuur Village Yesbolat Daut, Manager of Shinbulak Company Ailanysh Khakhtan, Accountant of City Council Siyezd Khibat, Senior Official of City Council Barshagul Myerzyet, Vice President of City Council –Translator Guljamila Mankyei, Ulgii Metropolitan Municipality Councilman – Translator Yertai Oral and Deputy Manager of Town Planning Department Arai Myeiram.

On the first day of the program, which was Monday on 8 May, the delegation visited Sancaktepe Municipality and met with Mayor İsmail Erdem. Then, the group listened the presentation on “Urban Transformation Projects” and made a site visit. In the same day, program continued with the ‘Leather Sector Visit in Zeytinburnu’. The delegation observed leather sector’s activities in Istanbul during the site visit.

On the second day of the program, the group visited to IBB Directorate of European Side Parks and Gardens Visit and delegation listened presentation about “Green Area Management in Municipalities” and then made a site visit. In the same day afternoon, it was visited TURSAB and listened a presentation on “Tourism Industry and Cooperation Opportunities in Turkey” from Deputy President of TURSAB Hasan Erdem.

On the third day of the program, which was on 10th of May, the delegation visited Zeytinburnu Municipality. Deputy Mayor of Zeytinburnu Zafer Alsaç informed Zeytinburnu Municipality’s activities to the delegation, and then the group listened presentation about “Medical Plants Garden” and made a site visit. In the same day afternoon, the delegation visited TDBB Headquarters. There, delegation met with TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, then got informed about TDBB activities and presented participation certificates. After the ceremony, delegation visited Miniaturk, Panorama History Museum and Turkish World Culture Houses.

On the fourth day of the program, the delegation visited ISTAC and listened a presentation about “Waste Management in Municipalities” and then made a site visit. In the same day afternoon, the participants had a presentation on “Separation and Disposal of Packaging Waste” and made a site visit in Bağcılar Municipality, and then met with Mayor of Bağcılar Lokman Çağırıcı. Later on, the closing ceremony was held with the host of Bağcılar Municipality with a dinner and Deputy Mayors Kenan Gültürk and Cemil Şahin accompanied with the group.

On the fifth day of the program which was on 12 May Saturday delegation made Istanbul city tour. Program was ended with the departure of the delegation to their home country on 13 May 2018.