Organized by Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) and supported by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), 10th Communication with Future Workshop was held in Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand between 7 and 12 May 2018.

Communication with Future Workshop was attended by students of Turkish origin from Balkan countries, which are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia and Greece. 30 students from 15 countries, who were having their graduate education in communication departments of different universities of Turkey, participated in the workshop.

10th Communication with Future Workshop took place with the cooperation of such institutions like RTUK, TIKA (Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency), BYEGM (Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Directorate General of Press and Information), TDBB (Union of Turkish World Municipalities), TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) Avaz, Anadolu Agency, Uzbekistan World Languages University and Uzbekistan International Press Club.

In the Workshop participant students discussed and made 30 presentations under the titles like “Reflection of Culture by Advertisements: Uzbekistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina Samples”, “The Importance of Bukhara and Samarkand for Muslims of Bulgaria”, “The Cry of Great Turkestan: Uzbek Folk Music”, “Drawn Sword of Turkestan: The Heritage of Timur and Renaissance of Timurids”, “Baybars: Kipczak Commander who saved Quds Sharif from Mongol Loot”, “Samarkand, Capital City of Timur”, “Ulug Bey Observatory in the development of astronomy in Turkestan”, “Cotton as the White Gold of Transaxonia and Art of Weaving in Uzbekistan” and “Ibn-i Sina known as Avicenna in the West”.

On 7th and 8th of May, the site presentations started in Kasrı Arifan in Bukhara city of Uzbekistan. Later on, the program continued in Samaniler Visiting House and Koş Madrasah. On 9th May, the participants went to Samarkand and visited the tomb of Qusem bin Abbas, Registan Square, Görü Emir, the tomb of Imam Maturidi, Ulug Bey Observatory and tomb of Imam al-Buhari.

The workshop in Taskent, which started on May 7 in Bukhara city of Uzbekistan and continued in Samarkand, was opened with a ceremony in Taskent with the participation of President of RTUK Prof. Dr. İlhan Yerlikaya, Ambassador of Tashkent Ahmet Başar Şen, Rector of Uzbekistan World Languages University Prof. Dr. Ganişer Rahimov, TIKA Program Coordinator of Tashkent Dr. Ali İhsan Çağlar, academicians, workshop delegation and many other guests.

Talking at the opening ceremony, Yerlikaya stated that creating a basis for global and regional relations in visual and audio media services is among the duties of RTUK, that the workshops have been started to be organized 10 years ago within this framework every year and that the main aim of the workshop is to make students coming from brother countries to communicate between themselves and through media. Yerlikaya continued by saying that the program brought students coming from a wide range of cultural area like from Sarajevo to Dakka, from Sanaa to Astana to this ancient geographical region and added, “In the workshop, where the main theme is discussed under the title of ‘Media’s role in presenting cultural values: Uzbekistan Sample’, the contribution of media in the convergence of Turkish-Islamic geographical region and the development of experience sharing opportunities are discussed.”

On the other hand, Ambassador of Tashkent Ahmet Başar Şen underlined the fact that many academicians and students coming from different countries had great opportunity to know mainland Uzbekistan and its ancient cultural values. Stating that this geographical region has been the ancient main land for Turks and source of culture for Turkish culture, Şen said that this event is an opportunity to understand how the cultural wealth of the brother folks are close to each other.

Rector of Uzbekistan World Languages University Prof. Dr. Ganişer Rahimov thanked the administration of RTUK for organizing this program in Uzbekistan and expressed his gladness for meeting with the representatives of the brother countries and exchanging opinions as a result of the event. Rahimov pointed out that they are ready to develop mutual cooperation with their partners from Turkey in education and media sectors and remarked that this event was the first step taken and they would do their best to transform this into full-capacity cooperation. Furthermore, he added that they wanted to benefit from the great experience of Turkey in media sector.

Within the framework of the workshop, books and brochures “Olive Branch to Afrin from Turkey” and “Don’t fall into trap!” published in Uzbek language by Directorate General of Press and Information were presented to the participants.

Besides, the participants visited the photography exhibition organized by young communicators.