A delegation from Tetovo, Macedonian member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), visited the TDBB. Besar Rahmani from Tetovo municipality, Board Member of Kalkan Association Cengiz Destan, Secretary-General of MATÜSİTEB, an umbrella organization of Turkish NGO’s in Macedonia, Mennan Yonuz, president of Kalkan Scouting Club Yeton Zekiri, and president of Turkey Scouting Federation Hasan Subaşı took part in the delegation. On 5 December 2017, the delegation met with Secretary-General Fahri Solak at the TDBB headquarters.
During the meeting where cooperation and possible projects were discussed, the delegation asked for support from the TDBB on the repair and equipping of the Brotherhood and Unity school, which is providing education in the Turkish Language in the city of Tetovo, the second largest city with Turkish population after Gostivar. It was underlined that the support provided by the TDBB is critical for the Turkish population living in Tetovo, emphasizing that the school is providing education services for more than 30 students, but has been forced to work under inappropriate conditions.
TDBB Secretary-General Fahri Solak said special attention is being paid to educational projects and added that school repair and equipping work, which is important for Macedonia’s future, will be evaluated in the TDBB Executive Board.
The meeting was completed with the mutual giving and receiving gifts and taking a family photo.