Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) December Executive Board Meeting was held in Union Headquarters on 20 December 2017.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of President of TDBB and also Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and were participated by TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, TDBB Executive Board Members; Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın, Mayor of Bağcılar Lokman Çağırıcı, Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak, Mayor of Beykoz Yücel Çelikbilek, Mayor of Şahinbey Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, Mayor of Selçuklu Uğur İbrahim Altay and Bosnian delegation.

The meeting started with TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak’s giving information about the activities and agenda between 22 November 2017 and 20 December 2017 and continued with the discussion on the other issues in the agenda.

Within this framework, it was decided to give support the dormitory building established by Emmaus Foundation in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Union and Union Members, to construct the “Turkish School” Project which was demanded by Tetovo, TDBB Member in Macedonia by the Union and Union Members, to give participation support to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for “10th Kocaeli International Children Festival” which will be held in Kocaeli on 18-24 April 2018 by the Union, to start the necessary process for making sister cities between the appropriate municipalities from the Union Members in Turkey and Municipalities in Gagauz Autonomous Republic, to give participation support for “4th Water Loss Forum Turkey” which will be held in Istanbul on 29-31 March 2018 by the Union and to present the membership application of Vareš (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Municipality to Administrative Board with appropriate opinion.

TDBB January Administrative Board Meeting will be Held in Kartepe

During the meeting, it was also decided that the next Administrative Board meeting to be held in Kocaeli on 17 January 2018, Wednesday with the hosting of Kartepe Municipality.