Information and Experience Sharing Program organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), Izmit Municipality, Eyüp Municipality, Başakşehir Municipality and Maltepe Municipality, between 10 and 16 December 2017 for Gagauzian mayors was completed after the presentations and site visits in Istanbul and Izmit.

Within the scope of the program, apart from the municipality visits, the Gagauzian mayors made also visits to İSKİ, KİPTAŞ, KÜLTÜR A.Ş., ISFALT and IBB Directorate of European Side Parks and Gardens. In addition, “Sister Cities Meeting” was held with the hosting of Izmit Municipality.

The head of the delegation Comrat District Governor Gheorghi Molla, Mayor of Budjak Nicolae Dudoglo, Mayor of Svetloe Pavel Filceacov, Mayor of Kotovskoe Gheorghi Palic, Mayor of Rus Kisilia Gheorghi Gospodinov, Mayor of Chok-Meydan Raisa Slav, Mayor of Kongaz Mikhail Esir, Mayor of Kirsovo Serghei Sapunji, Mayor of Baurci Nicolai Carapirea, Mayor of Kiriet-Lunga Valentina Caici, Mayor of Vulcănești Victor Petrioglu, Mayor of Cișmichioi Piotr Madjar, Mayor of Etulia Grigori Cula, Cadir-Lunga District Governor Valentin Cara and Vulcănești District Governor Boris Jelez participated to the program.

The program started with İSKİ visit. İSKİ Deputy Secretary General Metin Akbaş made a presentation on “Water and Waste Water Management in Municipalities”. Then they made a site visit, the site visit was made with the guidance of Director of Water Treatment of Kağıthane District Emel Tüfekçi. On the first day of the program, the delegation also visited Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydin, and then Eyüp Municipality made a presentation about “Social Municipal Practices” to the Gagauzian mayors.

On the second day of the program, Gagauzian mayors made a visit to ISFALT. In ISFALT, the group had a presentation about “Asphalt Issue in Municipalities” and visited research laboratory of ISFALT. In the same day, the delegation visited Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç and listened to the presentation on “Building Energy Efficiency in Urban Transformation Projects” at Maltepe Municipality.

On the third day of the program, the delegation made a visit to KİPTAŞ and had a presentation on “Housing Production and Urban Transformation Projects in Municipalities”. KİPTAŞ visit continued with a site visit. On the third day afternoon, Gagauzian mayors visited TDBB Headquarters. The delegation met with TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak and was informed about TDBB activities. Solak stated that “Gagauzia is one of the places where we actively work. Last year, we also host another delegation from Gagauzia in Turkey and this week we have you here. In Comrat, the Cultural Center has been constructed by TDBB member Altındağ Municipality. Moreover, TDBB members have begun the construction of “Grand Turkey Park” in Kazayak. Furthermore, we are negotiating about newly planned projects in Gagauzia. We would like to strengthen our cooperation with Gagauzia with new projects. We are pleased to work with both Moldova and Gagauz Autonomous Place. I appreciate you all for participating in our program” in his speech.

In the same day at the evening dinner, the certificate ceremony was organized at Zeytinburnu Municipality Belgradkapı Social Facilities. TDBB Deputy Chairman and Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın, TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak and Gagauz mayors were attended to the ceremony.

On the fourth day of the program, the delegation visited Mayor of Başakşehir Yasin Kartoğlu. There, Gagauzian mayors had a presentation on “Garbage Collection and Decomposition in Municipalities” and a site visit. At the same day, IBB Directorate of European Side Parks and Gardens was visited, following that they listened a presentation on “Green Area Management in Municipalities” and made a site visit.

In the fifth day of the program on 15 December 2017, the delegation made a visit to Mayor of Izmit Dr. Nevzat Doğan and then they were informed about activities of Izmit Municipality and made site visit. In the evening, Izmit Municipality hosted the Meeting of Sister Cities. To the meeting, Mayor of Izmit Dr. Nevzat Dogan, Mayor of Erenler (Sakarya) Cavit Öztürk, Mayor of Taşköprü (Yalova) Nedret Gülen, Director of External Relations of Selçuklu Municipality Ayhan Gürbüzer and TDBB officials were attended.

Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan said that “We feel deeply honored to welcome you in Izmit. We are sisters with Cadir Lunga and we are sisters with Skopje Čair Municipality. No matter we are from different countries and different regions, we are brothers. We like our brothers from Gagauzia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on. We are always ready to share our knowledge and experience with you with such programs. We also would like to know about your experience and knowledge. So, we have come together for this reason and we would come to your home country in the future”.

Gagauzia delegation returned back to their home country on 16 December 2017 after Istanbul city tour.