“Mukhtar Avezov in 120th Year from his Birth Commemoration Programme” organized by the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Turkey, Zeytinburnu Municipality, and Kazakh Turks Educational Research Association was held at Zeytinburnu Municipality Kazlıçeşme Cultural Center on Friday, 8 December 2017.

The programme was attended by, TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, Consul of Kazakhstan Galimcan Erimbetov, President of Kazak Turks Education and Research Association Serkan Dinçtürk, President of Nogay Turks Veysel Arslan, Director of Istanbul Cultural A.Ş. Abdülmetin Keskin, Deputy Director of Turkic World Research Foundation Metin Köse, Deputy Chairman of Kazak Turks Foundation Abdulvahap Kılıç, Deputy Chairman of Crimean Turks Association Ergün Sevim Soy, Head of Afghanistan Turkmens Association Fehim Işık, Founding President of Uzbek Association Hüsamettin Sabri and many other invitees.

At the programme “Mukhtar Avezov in 120th Year from his Birth” panel was organized. At the session where chairperson was Fahri Solak, the professor of Marmara University, Muhtar Avezov Institute Deputy Director Assoc. Prof. Almira Kalieva and Gazi University Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Cemile Kınacı participated as speakers.

Deputy Director of Muhtar Avezov Institute Assoc. Prof. Almira Kalieva who started with conveying the greetings from Kazakhstan, “With such organizations, we find the opportunity to get to know Muhtar Avezov better. For this reason, I thank you on behalf of our Institute. There were many commemorative programs in every region of our country this year, panels were arranged, books were reprinted. Scientific conferences were held. Avezov’s works have been printed and read not only in the Turkic world but also in many countries of the world. This is the proof of how great personality Avezov was” she said. Kalieva said, “In a period of great debates and social conflicts, Muhtar Avezov who was closely interested in the grief of the Kazak people took his pen and show the path to the Kazakh people. For this reason, Avezov is a very important writer for Kazakh people. Avezov has written his life and his works in a very difficult period. For this reason, his works are an important treasure. The author is a product of this challenging period of political, spiritual and literary thought. He is a person who proved himself with his works regarding the future of the Kazakh people”.

Assoc. Prof. Cemile Kınacı from Gazi University talked about Avezov’s life story and his works. Kınacı said, “Avezov is a great writer who is always actual and is read everywhere. the country he grew had a great influence on him to be a productive writer. Semey, the place where he grew up, was the center of science and culture of the time. Avezov is a literary scientist who was raised by well knowing Kazakh national tradition. The most important work of the author is Abay Road novel. The novel has been translated into Turkish, English, French and many other languages. Abay Road novel is an encyclopedia of the Kazakh people. In the novel Kazakh weddings, the tradition of influx, giving and taking brides and many other things that can come to your mind was noted. Mukhtar Avezov is known in Turkey, but there are few books and articles about it. Many of the works produced in Turkey came out during the 100th year of the birth of Muhtar Avezov in 1997. We should better introduce Avezov in Turkey and tell people in the best possible way. For this reason, it was very important for me to explain Avezov in a commemoration programme like this. I would like to thank the co-operation organizations for their contributions to the program”.


Who is Muhtar Avezov?

Muhtar Avezov, a classic of Kazakh literature, came to the world in 1897 in Semey’s Çıngız. Initially, he studied in the madrasah, the latter in the schools in town, and in 1919 he finished the teachers-school in Semey. From 1946 until his death, he served as a lecturer at Kazakhstan State University and Kazakh Academy of Sciences. He died in Moscow in 1961.

He made works about Kazakh saga and Turkistan Turk literature. His most important work is colossal Abay Road written in 4 volumes. He started the work of collecting the documents about the biography of Abay after 1930. Since 1933 he published the words of those who lived during his time and who spoke about Abay. The names of the personalities, tribes, clans, historical places that are found in the novel are real. In this novel Avezov, documented with the fine detail the life and the ideas of Abay that are taken as a guide by the majority of Kazakhs.