Commemoration Program of “Chinghiz Aitmatov on his 89th Birth Year” was organized on 12 December 2017, Tuesday in Istanbul cooperatively by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Istanbul Consulate General of Kyrgyzstan, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kültür Co. and Fatih Sultan Mehmet University.

The program, organized in Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, started with the opening speeches of Istanbul Consul General of Kyrgyzstan Erkin Sopokov, Director General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kültür Co. Rıdvan Duran and Rector of Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Prof. Dr. Musa Duman. In the program, the important contributions that Aitmatov made to Turkish World were exposed from different perspectives.

In the panel organized within the framework of the program, the sophisticated personality of Chinghiz Aitmatov was discussed in various dimensions. Under the moderating of Marmara University Faculty Member Dr. Fahri Solak, Maltepe University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ramazan Korkmaz on “Aitmatov’s International Perspective”, Son of Chinghiz Aitmatov Askar Aitmatov on “Aitmatov Family and My Father”, Yıldız Technical University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Yakup Çelik on “Aitmatov’s Story Writing”, Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mesut Koçak on “We Are Dying so We Will Live: Social Dimension of Death in Aitmatov’s Works” and Dicle University Faculty Member Abdulmukaddes Kutlu on “Call of Aitmatov” made presentations in the panel.

Askar Aitmatov started his speech with a memory he experienced with his father and said, “It was 1975 and I was just a student. An invitation came to my father from the publishing house that published his works in Turkey. Soviet Union was a totalitarian country. It was harder to go to a capitalist country than to the moon. My father told me he was going to Turkey and I said to him “Take me with you.” After a couple of investigations I was allowed to go with him. This visit to Turkey was a great experience both for me and for my father. When we came to Turkey, we saw people like ourselves and we had great interest from them. This experience was a turning point for my life. My mother was a doctor and I wanted to be a doctor, too. But my visit to Turkey changed my plans about being a doctor. I first became diplomat then went into politics. I found the possibility to work for my country and for Turkish World.”

After the speeches, the program continued with plaque ceremony. Following the ceremony Kyrgyz performers Bek Borbiev, Altınbek Alimov and Talant Kadirov carried out a fascinating concert which they made the audience travel to a historical music journey from Anatolia and Central Asia.