Awards of the Year for Municipal and Local Government Projects, organized for the tenth time by, were presented to the nominees with the ceremony organized in Istanbul on 2 December 2017.

In the ceremony, Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was granted with “The most successful Union of Municipalities” Award. The award was received by Secretary General Fahri Solak, on behalf of TDBB.

Talking in the award ceremony, Director General of Belhaber Mevlana Demirel underlined that belhaber is the first local governments news website of Turkey, and stated that the owners of the Municipal Oscars’ awards have been decided after the examination of the jury decisions and opinion surveys’ results on the projects of local governments.

On the other hand, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak said that TDBB carries out mostly international projects, especially for Turkic Republics and related communities with its 1.150 municipal members from 28 countries, to develop relations with sister and brother countries, and added that it is pleasing to see that the ongoing projects are known and appreciated in Turkey.

In the ceremony, where Anadolu Agency was decided as the news agency of the year with its news on local governments and as the news website of the year, Kağıthane Municipality with its Kağıthane Museum Project, Arnavutköy Municipality with its Ecological Corridor Project, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with its Glass Festival Project, BELSIM as the most successful municipal NGO of the Year, Social Intelligence Association with its ‘My New Job’ Social Development Project, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality with its World ‘City of Gastronomy’ Project, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) Directorate of Libraries and Museums with its “ Havadis (News): A Century Ago” Project, IBB Directorate of Reeve Services with its Reeve Services Information System Project, Kahramankazan Municipality with Contribution to Local Governments and Democracy Award, Karaköprü (Şanlıurfa) Municipality with its Life Park Project, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality with its Helpdesk Mobile Project, Sivas Municipality with its Food Bank Project, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality with its SUKAY Project, Union of Turkish World Municipalities as the most successful Union of Municipalities, Association of Physical Therapists of Turkey as the best cooperative institution with local governments, World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) as the most successful NGO of the year, Fatih Municipality with its “An Orchestra for Every School” Project and Bağcılar Municipality with its “We are Reading 20 Books at 20” Project were among the projects and institutions which were awarded with prize.