The ceremony of ‘3rd International Yunus Emre Days’ was organized by Yunusemre Municipality on October 16-21, 2017, where Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) participated as a sponsor.

As a part of the ‘3rd International Yunus Emre Days’ guests from Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mauritania, Somalia, Syria, and Turkmenistan were welcomed in the town of Manisa.

International Guest Student’s Country Presentation Stands were opened as a part of the ceremony. Approximately 50 students from 13 different countries participated in the event, reflecting the culture of the guest students. In about one week events, Yunus Emre-theme painting exhibitions were opened and Yunus Emre stages were set up in different areas and concerts were given.

3rd International Yunus Emre Symposium was held

International Yunus Emre Symposium was also held within the scope of the ceremony. In the two-day symposium, approximately 50 academics specialized in the field explained the teachings of the famous Turkish thinker Yunus Emre, his philosophy of life, and the love of God.

Speaking at the gala dinner of the 3rd International Yunus Emre Days, Mayor of Yunusemre. Mehmet Çerçi said, “Yunus Emre is a person from 800 years ago who with his sayings, lifestyle, thinking is emanating even today.” As a municipality carrying the name of Yunus Emre 3 years ago, we started this ceremony with the idea that these values should be restored. Within the ceremony, we organized meetings, musical activities, scientific studies, and symposiums. At the ceremony, we carried out this year scientists from 21 Turkish universities and from 9 different countries have participated. Around 90 presentation summaries were sent. Forty of them were selected. Scientific and academic studies will be published as a book. We will continue with these studies with the light of Yunus Emre. Our brothers and sisters from our brotherly Central Asian to the Balkan countries are among us. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed.”