The construction of ‘Bulan Söğüttü Mosque’, which was planned to be built in Çolpan Ata city of Issık Göl region of Kyrgyzstan cooperatively by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Member Municipalities, started.

After the cooperation protocol, which was signed between President of TDBB İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and President of State Administration of Kyrgyzstan Issık-Göl District Danır Imanaliev at March Administrative Board Meeting of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), the necessary procedures were completed rapidly and afterwards the construction started.

The mosque, which was started to be built in Bulan Söğüttü district almost 20 km away to Çolpan Ata city in Issık Göl Region of Kyrgyzstan, will be a two-floored building with 134 square meter residing area. The mosque where 220 people can pray at the same time will have the features of Ottoman architecture. It is consisted of two sections as basement and praying floor. The mosque, where there are two separate doors for basement, will be divided into two as classes for boys and classes for girls. Besides there will be imam’s Office and technique room in the basement floor. The height of the main dome from praying floor will be 7 meters and the diameter of the dome will be 9 meters. There will be classical Ottoman stalactite ornaments inside the mosque and the mihrab, minbar and the lectern will be made in Ottoman style. There will be a single minaret balcony in the mosque. There are 22 adorned windows in different sizes in the mosque. The main dome will be covered with aluminum and the siding will be made with travertine marble.

At the signing ceremony President of TDBB İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu had said, “I personally went to Issık Göl of Kyrgyzstan and this district needed mosque. They requested this from us. Our President gave this duty to us. As TDBB, we will cover this need as soon as possible. We finished its Project and now signed its protocol. We want to complete and inaugurate it as soon as possible.” On the other hand President of State Administration of Kyrgyzstan Issık-Göl District Danır Imanaliev had talked as, “I thank TDBB for this support. This mosque will be constructed at the best and most touristic place of Kyrgyzstan and many tourists will see it because it will be close to the area where World Nomad Games take place. TDBB plays an important role for the development of the cities in Kyrgyzstan. I thank TDBB and its Members for their support”.