Between 7 and 11 October of 2017 Yakutsk Culture Days were held in Istanbul that was organized by the cooperation between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) and the city of Saha, the capital of Yakutsk Region of Russian Federation.

In order to strengthen the friendly ties between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Yakutsk Region and to make a contribution in cultural cooperation between the two countries, a special programme was organized. IBB’s Department of Culture hosted a ceremony where exhibitions, concert, film, and theatre pieces that promote Yakut culture were shown.

Exhibition and Concert were held in Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall

The opening of the Programme was on October 7, 2017, in Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall.

The first day of the programme has started with the opening of the exhibition called “Heart of the North”, at which Yakut city dress, jewelry, bibelot, photography, pictures, and maps were promoted. After this Yakut artist performed a choreography that was specially prepared for the opening ceremony.

A statue that symbolizes the friendship between the two countries at Golden Horn

As the part of the ceremony, a statue that symbolizes the tradition of binding horses to a column by Turkic Saha people, that live in the Northern parts of Russia, was opened in the Nilufer Park at Golden Horn on October 8, 2017. This statue symbolizes the friendship and solidarity between the towns of Yakutsk and Istanbul.  

Handicraft tent at Sultanahmet

As a part of Yakutsk Culture Days, ‘Yakutsk Handicrafts Presentation Tent’ was opened at Sultanahmet’s Mehmet Akif Ersoy Park between 7 and 11 of October. Yakut artists performed a ‘Welcome to us’ concert for the Istanbulites at the amphitheater in Sultanahmet between 9 and 11 of October.

Film Festival at IBB’s Tarık Zafer Tunaya Culture Center

As a part of the event ‘Yakutsk Film Festival’ was organized between 8-11 of October in IBB’s Tarık Zafer Tunaya Culture Center. Movies that were shown to the public are; ‘Osohuay-Life Dance’, ‘Yakutsk That I Don’t Know’, ‘Kerel-Unseen Beauty’, ‘Lifeguard’, ‘My Killer’, ‘Yakutsk Story’. Also, theater piece ‘Olonkho’, inspired by the epic stories and composed of many tales, was performed in IBB’s Fatih Culture Center on 9-10 of October. Yakutsk Culture Days that were free for the visitors, attracted the great attention of Istanbulites.