Bosnian ambassador to Turkey Bakir Sadovic visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on 27 September 2017.

Bakir Sadovic who came together with General Secretary of TDBB Fahri Solak said that he wants to improve the cooperation and that he is ready to fulfill his other duties. Sadovic added that; “TDBB is playing an important role in bringing together Bosnian and Turkish municipalities. I would like to thank TDBB for coordinating the local community’s activities between the two countries.” “With the leadership of Turkey, Turkey-Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina are working on creating a trilateral model. We see this as a very positive step for the region. So, I would like to thank Turkey for these efforts.”

On the other hand, Fahri Solak General Secretary of TDBB added that Bosnia has an important place among 28 member states. He also added that Bosnia is one of the countries that TDBB is most actively working with and that projects on various fields are in progress. In 2016 Eurasian Summit of Local Communities was organized in Sarajevo, where 150 mayors from different countries have participated. TDBB brought together mayors of Balkan countries and Central Asia thus served as a bridge for enriching the cooperation between these two geographies. By organizing Expert trainings and Knowledge and Experience Programmes, TDBB is trying to create a network for participants from different countries.

Solak gave information about projects that are in progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of them are; Doboj Istok Youth Center and Glamoc Culture and Youth center. He also said that Turkish Language classes and school materials for Bosnian schools are provided with coordination of the TDBB. Doboj-Istok bridge that connects Bosniak and Serb parts of the country is another example. Gorazde city square and restoration of the bridge from the Ottoman period are some out of many projects. On the other hand, TDBB’s member municipalities are doing a lot of projects across Bosnia and Herzegovina. We strongly believe that these projects will benefit the good relations between our two countries.