Turkish Language class that was constructed with the cooperation of TDDB and Şahinbey Municipality was opened with the ceremony held on September 18, 2017.

The opening ceremony was organized on the same day as the anniversary of Gorazde’s liberation. Among the participants was; mayor of Şahinbey Municipality Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, AK Party MPs from Gaziantep Ahmet Uzer, Abdulkadir Yüksel, Mehmet Erdoğan, Gorazde Mayor Muhammed Ramovic and many other guests.

In his speech, Mayor Tahmazoğlu said that he is very satisfied with the Gorazde visit. “The place of Bosnia and Herzegovina in our hearts is very special. Many years ago we became a sister city of Gorazde. We are always proud to be together with our sisters. Today we opened a Turkish Language class in Husein ef. Djozo school that was constructed under the project “”My choice is Turkish” run by Yunus Emre Institute and in cooperation with TDBB. In this class, Bosnian students will learn Turkish language and will have a chance to learn about us.” After Mayor’s speech, folklore dances were performed and Turkish songs were sung.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina where the Turkish language is taught as an elective class, some 8.500 students have chosen it as a second foreign language. Beside this number around 1500 students are learning Turkish in universities and language courses. Under the “My choice is Turkish” programme 19 Turkish Language classes have been constructed across Bosnia and Herzegovina by TDBB’s member municipalities.