President of Gagauz Autonomous Region Irina Vlah and her delegation visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on 6 September 2017, Wednesday.

The visit was attended by President of Gagauz Autonomous Region Irina Vlah, Foreign Affairs Representative of Gagauz Autonomous Region Vitali Vlah and President of Turkey-Moldova Friendship Association Rafet Köksal. The delegation came together with Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak and TDBB Foreign Affairs Department Staff in Union Headquarters.

Within the concept of the visit, the ongoing projects and new cooperation opportunities were discussed. In the meeting, projects like Cultural Center that will be built by Altındağ Municipality in Capital city Comrat of Gagauz Autonomous Region with the coordination of TDBB and also Great Turkey Park built in Kazayak cooperatively by Keçiören Municipality and Comrat Asphalt Factory which is planned to be constructed with the cooperation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were dealt and Information and Experience Sharing Program that will be organized for the mayors of Gagauz Autonomous Region for 2017 December was decided.

Besides in the meeting the issue of TDBB’s coordination of sister city relations between Gagauz Autonomous Region municipalities which don’t have sister cities in Turkey with the appropriate municipalities in Turkey was handled.