The three cultural houses built in Kids and Youth Center in Doboj Istok of Bosnia and Herzegovina cooperatively by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Tavşanlı Municipality and Beykoz Municipality were inaugurated on 25 August 2017.

The ceremony was attended by Administrative Board Member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Semir Efendic, Mayor of Tavşanlı Mustafa Güler and his delegation, Mayor of Doboj Istok Kemal Bratic, Mayor of Doboj Obren Petrovic, Mayor of Doboj Jug Mirnes Tukic, General Director of MFS EMMAUS Hamzalija Okanovic, TDBB Foreign Affairs Expert Vedad Halilovic, Head Imam of Doboj Bajro Dzafic and many other guests.

Talking in the opening ceremony, Mayor of Doboj Istok Kemal Bratic expressed his gratitude to Administrative Board of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Tavşanlı Municipality. On the other hand Mayor of Tavşanlı Mustafa Güler said, “We will continue to support Doboj Istok Municipality in every respect. We believe the importance and efficiency of these kinds of projects. Our sister city supports its needy citizens in every respect.” Besides, Administrative Board Member of TDBB and also Mayor of Novi Grad of Bosnia and Herzegovina Semir Efendic talked as “After the request from Doboj Istok Municipality was approved positively in TDBB Administrative Board Meeting, the process started soon after the meeting. Our Union has already other on-going projects in the region. The construction of the bridge that connects Doboj Istok and Doboj districts is among the most important ones. As far as I know, the necessary official permissions will be taken and the construction will start soon.”

Doboj Istok Kids and Youth Center is composed of separate houses. Orphan and poor children and also children living in inappropriate familial conditions live in Kids and Youth Center. The main goal is to help these children become socialized again and unite with the local communities. Doboj Istok city is at the northern part of the country, on the borderline between Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbian Region and Federation Regions. Doboj Municipality is member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB).