“International Forgotten Values Festival” is organized by Kartepe Municipality, the member of Administrative Board of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), in Novi Pazar in the Sandzak region of Serbia in 26-27 August 2017. In the festival, visitors had a chance to see variety of artworks which reflected harmony of Turk and Balkan cultures.

Abdulllah Yılmaz, Mayor of Kartepe Municipality, Levent Atalı, Advisor to the Mayor of Kartepe Municipality, Mehmet Ay, Manager of Cultural and Social Affairs and the members of Municipal Council of Kartepe Municipality were attended to the festival.

Novi Pazar welcomed to the “International Forgotten Values Festival” which is the biggest city of Sandzak region where Bosniaks mostly live. 15 Turkish artists from Kartepe Municipality attended to the “International Forgotten Values Festival” and they showed their traditional artworks at the stands in the festival area. Visitors showed a great attention to the show of Mehteran Team and folkloric team of Kartepe Municipality.

Mehmet Ay, Manager of Cultural and Social Affairs stated that they decided to organize “International Forgotten Values Festival” which is a traditional festival wraps up its three-year in Kocaeli Municipality in Novi Pazar to boost the sisterhood and develop the relation between Kocaeli and Balkans. He also added that it is also beneficial to remind people their common culture between Turks and Balkans.

Mehmet Ay expressed that “they have been working for three months to organize this festival in collaboration with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Turkish Embassy in Belgrade, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Presidency (TIKA) and Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) and we started the festival with a cortege march and music performances in 26th August”. Ay, organizer of the event, asserted that visitors of the festival had a chance to see variety of traditional Turkish art like traditional Turkish & Ottoman calligraphy, Turkish art of marbling, Kati art which is a common value of Turk and Balkan cultures, the art of tile making, glass blowing and embroidery.

Almira Suljevic, Manager of Turkish Cultural Center of Novi Pazar stated that they attended this festival in Kocaeli a month ago and they were very glad that this festival took a great attention also in Novi Pazar. Suljevic, underlined importance of this festival and added that “As some cultures are getting forgotten in Turkey, our cultures also started to get lost”. Suljevic affirmed that this festival is very important to emphasize forgotten values of our cultures. Thanks to this festival, children who have never seen a weaving loom before had a chance to see it and met the forgotten values of their culture. In addition, people of the region were very glad to see such an interesting festival and the archery events.