“Trade Mark City and 5th International Köroğlu Festival”, which was organized by Bolu Municipality as one of the members of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and which was also supported by TDBB, was held in Bolu between 18 and 20 August 2017.
The festival was attended by hundreds of artists with local clothes and performances from 13 different countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ghana and India, creating a colorful atmosphere in Bolu streets.
The huge festival, which hosted hundreds of guests from Turkey and also world, began with firing up the festival fire in front of Köroğlu statue in Democracy Square by Mayor of Bolu Alaaddin Yılmaz, Governor of Bolu Aydın Baruş, Deputy Minister of Economy Fatih Metin, MP of Bolu Fehmi Küpçü and Turkish cinema’s famous artist Hülya Koçyiğit. On the first day of the festival, where lots of cultural and artistic events took place, singer Ömür Gedik gave a concert and the final ceremony ended with the concert of popular singer Ferhat Göçer.
Making a speech at the opening ceremony of the festival, Mayor of Bolu Alaaddin Yılmaz called attention to the fact that Köroğlu is a very special hero and Turkish world has to know, understand and introduce Köroğlu. Yılmaz added as, “Köroğlu is our hero, Bolu’s hero, and also hero of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. Köroğlu is a brave character and also a folk poet with his instrument. We are very happy to have such an important hero.”
On the other hand talking at the ceremony, Governor of Bolu Aydın Baruş said that Köroğlu is among important historical Turkish heroes who have important places in cultural heritage of Turkish nation and who make Turkey and Turkish world friends; he also added, “Köroğlu is not only the hero of Bolu district but also the common heritage of Turkish world and cultural geography. Köroğlu addresses his readers from Bolu, Tokat, Silistre, Aleppo, Hoy, and Baghdad, Uskudar, Georgia, Karaman and other places. Köroğlu is a well known hero with his brevity and also a wise man that talks on moral values.”
Artistic Events Won Great Recognition
Within the concept of the festival, an exhibition themed as “Köroğlu in Turkish World” was opened in Provincial Directorate of Culture. In the exhibition many Works of the artists coming from Turkic Republics and Balkan countries were presented to the art-lovers. Besides, Anatolian Flowers Mourning Exhibition was also opened. The exhibitions where lots of paintings were presented won great recognition.
Sportive Events
Within the concept of “Trade Mark City and 5th International Köroğlu Festival”, hundreds of bikers rode their bikes in Abant and Gölcük Natural Park and Izzet Baysal Street for Köroğlu. Besides nature lovers walked to the peek point of Köroğlu Summit as the highest hill of Bolu with 2.500 meters above sea level, and flag exchange was made by the district protocol and citizens. Mounted archery performance made in Karaçayır Amateur Sports Clubs by Ankara Mounted Archery and Altai Mounted Archery Clubs was among the sportive events that took interest in the festival. Besides, the traditional Grease wrestling competitions organized after mounted archery was watched with interest.
Köroğlu Race
Organized for the second time within the concept of Trade Mark City and 5th International Köroğlu Festival events, Köroğlu Race took place in 75th Year Hippodrome. The race was won by jockey Ayhan Kurşun with the horse named as Gına Montana.
Köroğlu Conference
Within the framework of the festival Köroğlu Conference was organized in Bolu Trade and Industry Chamber Meeting Hall. Talking at the conference, UNESCO Turkey National Commission Chairman Öcal Oğuz spoke about the common hero of Turkish world, Köroğlu. He said, “Köroğlu has a value for image and culture for Bolu” and added by addressing Bolu residents, “We should transfer this value to next generations. We have to protect his image. He is integrated with Bolu, I think you have to protect and maintain this integration.”
Köroğlu on the way to UNESCO
“Köroğlu Workshop” will be made between 15 and 16 September 2017 within the concept of the academic meetings made since the first International Köroğlu Festival in Bolu. In the workshop, where national and international scholars working on Köroğlu will attend, the participators will discuss the inclusion of Köroğlu into UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage as “Common Value of Turkish World.”