Executive Board meeting of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was held on August 16, 2017 at Union headquarters.

The meeting under presidency of Deputy Chairman of TDBB and Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydin was attended by TDBB Executive Board Members Mayor of Beykoz Yucel Celikbilek, Mayor of Bagcilar Lokman Cagrici, Mayor of Kecioren Mustafa Ak and Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak.

The meeting, which started with TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak giving information about the activities and agenda between 19 July 2017 and 16 August 2017, continued with the discussions on the other agenda items.

Within this scope, it was decided to organize an information and experience sharing program for the member mayors from Bosnia Herzegovina on ‘Local Development and Local Governments’ in Istanbul and Ankara between 12-16 September 2017, carry out Stationary Aid Project for the needy students in the district of Zeytinburnu in cooperation with Zeytinburnu Municipality, carry out the renovation project of the Culture House in the city of Çadır-Lunga in Moldova Gagauz Autonomous Place under the coordination of our Union and cooperation with of Çadır-Lunga’s sister city İzmit Municipality, organize an expert training program for administrators in Kyrgyzstan State Agency for Local Government and Ethnic Relations, carry out Projects of ‘Sacrifice Meat Distribution’ and ‘Water Well Opening’ projects carried out Projects of ‘Sacrifice Meat Distribution’ and ‘Water Well Opening’ projects of Jabaliya Al. Nazlh Municipality (Palestine) in coordination with Red Crescent, support “International Days of Yunus Emre” event to be held in Manisa between 16-21 October 2017 by Yunusemre Municipality, carry out ‘International Symposium on Baymirza Hayit and Today’s History of Turkestan in the 100th Anniversary of Birth’ between 09-10 October 2017, support ’18. International Gold Safran Documentary Film Festival’ organized by Safranbolu Municipality, between September 29 and October 1, 2017, provide participant on behalf of TDBB to ‘Legislation Information Meeting’ organized by Eastern Black Sea Municipalities Association, between 18-22 September 2017 in Bursa.

It was also decided that the next Executive Board and TDBB High Advisory Board meetings will be held at the Union Headquarters on 20 September 2017 – Wednesday.